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To make the shipment of envelopes, packages and pellets is necessary to send an order of Shipping

Depending on what you are shipping, ie corresponding to the requested service:

Send Envelope; Package; Pallet.

Once you choose the type of shipment to be made, you will be sent a Form Order Shipping.

In this form, you must enter the address of the sender, the date of withdrawal from our courier, the recipient's address, the details of the packages or pallets to be shipped.

Before you place an order for delivery or request a quote should read the various sections dedicated to the delivery of envelopes, packages and pallets in Italy and Europe, instructions on how to pack a parcel and the list of prohibited items, that is, all those goods that you can carry with our shipping services.

For sending an envelope or a package of small size with a weight of 1 kg masssimo, write in question Send Envelope; Through the module can send, Malta, Italy and in Europe, only envelopes or small parcels.

This type of service delivery is useful for sending documents, small objects and personal effects.

But be careful, there are limitations to the objects that you can ship, some items and products they are in fact prohibited such as liquids of all kinds.

Once you completed the form with all the required data ,.

The shipment payment is anticipated.

Sending a parcel weighing from 1 to 50 kg, Send pack. to order the shipment of one or more parcels simultaneously, with a weight limit for each pack of 50 kg.

The shipping rate varies only according to the destination and the amount of parcels to be shipped. After sending the Order Form Delivery with all required data.

The shipment payment is anticipated.

For shipping a bulky parcel, which exceed the maximum size, you must request a quote for an expedition Extra Large.

To send a pallet in Malta both in Italy and in Europe, with a maximum weight of 700 kg request Form Request shipping pallet.

Unlike shipping envelope and packages that you can order and pay directly, shipping pallets requires an appropriate assessment by our staff.

Send a pallet in fact implies the shipping procedures different than the envelopes and parcels.

Also, the means of transport are different as well as the timing.

All of these variables affect the cost of shipping, and require the development of a special budget, which will be sent by e-mail after you fill out the form.

If you accept the quote, you must prepay shipping



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